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Surgery Assistance & Sitter Service

Dexterity healthcare surgery and sitter service is designed to help watch over you or your loved one. You want to be around your loved one during every second of the day to make sure that everything is running well, but you cannot because of family, work or other obligations. Dexterity Healthcare Sitter services can monitor that for you so that you can concentrate on your daily occupations including taking a break from everything and relaxing.

Dexterity healthcare professional sitter, locally-based caregivers assist patients 24 hours a day so you can be assured that you loved one is never alone. Our services are provided in the following facilities:

  • Hospital
  • Home
  • Nursing Home
  • Long-Term Care Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living Centers

Dexterity's surgery assistance and sitter services may include the following:

  • Reminding medication, dates, routines, etc.
  • Assisting with meals and feeding
  • Providing companionship and conversation
  • Seeking assistance from the hospital/facility nurse when patient is in required
  • Monitoring patient activity
  • Entertaining with games, crafts, reading, etc.
  • Escorting to appointments and social events
  • Grocery shopping
  • Running errands (prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, etc.)

Dexterity healthcare surgery assistance and sitter services help you to have a watchful companion for your love one at any time with a peaceful of mind while taking a break or concentrate on other tasks

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